Film History

Song of the Little Road Part IV

sito opzioni binarie con deposito di 50 euro Ray devised an innovative way to work around Apu’s stiffness and awkward gait. Like much of his journey into making the film, this also is a lesson for wannabe filmmakers: I had learnt a lesson. All my preparations over the years… all these had finally produced was this one shot of which it was difficult […]

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Song of the Little Road Part III

follow It’s a well known fact that Ray was a master film maker who was revered, practically  worshipped, in the west – especially Hollywood (list of his admirers include Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, James Ivory, Elia Kazan, Danny Boyle, Wes Anderson…). What’s little known is the fact that this man (arguably) had a hand in the […]

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Song of the Little Road Part IIĂ Ć Ă Ć Ă â Ă Ć Ă Ć Ă â  Ă â Ă â Ă Ć Ă Ć Ă â Ă â Ă Ć Ă â Ă â Ă Âśpa [The following article by me has been published earlier at] Satyajit Ray, as a rule, visited the movies every Saturday afternoon. In this he was accompanied by a handful of like-minded ‘film-buffs’ he met and befriended. One of them was Bansi Chandragupta, who was destined to be Ray’s Art Director [a relationship that went on […]

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