Inception: Anatomy of a Dream

topical Finpecia purchase Christopher Nolan’s newest offering, Inception has been able to supersede the benchmark set by his earlier The Dark Knight, and then some more. More than any other film of his, Inception is a successor to Memento, Insomnia and The Prestige. Exploring the dark recesses of the mind has always been an obsession for Nolan. In […]


Song of the Little Road Part IV

follow link Ray devised an innovative way to work around Apu’s stiffness and awkward gait. Like much of his journey into making the film, this also is a lesson for wannabe filmmakers: I had learnt a lesson. All my preparations over the years… all these had finally produced was this one shot of which it was difficult […]


Song of the Little Road: the story of Pather Panchali

https://www.gemeinde-stammham.de/destolo/3673 [The following article by me has been published earlier at http://PassionForCinema.com] This post is born out of Manjeet’s article wherein he dwells in brief on obstacles faced by the legendary Satyajit Ray in completing Pather Panchali. Well, how this excellent story by Bibhutibhushan Bannerjee made its way onto the celluloid is an engrossing, fascinating tale in itself. Here goes…. As most of us know, Ray […]