The Maverick: Ritwik Ghatak

source link In an age when film makers masquarade as reformers (read bullshitters), it is only apt that one remember the flag bearers of the REAL New Wave in Indian Cinema that had its inception in the early ’50s through the mid ’70s. A beacon of this New Wave was Ritwik Ghatak. The Anarchist. The Rebel. The quintessential Bengali Intellectual. […]

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The Dark Knight…Evil Unleashed

here The Dark Knight [2008] is a ‘sequel’ to Batman Begins [2005]. A follow-up. Part II. Purpose being to carry on the lagacy – to pick up from where the ‘first part’ left off, and add to it as it goes along. ‘The Dark Knight’ went on to surpass the opening day collections ($67,165,092) , not […]


Kalyug: Mahabharat Reloaded

see url Reason I start my blog with Kalyug: because it’s the last film I’ve seen, and this blog’s supposed to be about films, and it’s one of the best I’ve seen! For me, till now, it had been one of those ‘art’ films that aired on good old Doordarshan (ah! those were the days…) from time to time on […]